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Producing the best dry cleaning machines in the world for many years, Firbimatic has set the standard by which all others are measured. The standard production range of solvent systems of the Firbimatic Dry Cleaning Division is split-up different systems to cater for the many solvent choices, machine capacities, heating characteristics of steam or electric to meet the specific requirements of individual customers. We can supply Dry Cleaning machines from 10kg up to 160kg Industrial Cleaning Solutions.

Advanced technology systems using advanced hermetically sealing technology incorporated with integrated re-distillation and refrigerated solvent recovery allows for a comprehensive and complete technical and practical solution to enable customers to meet the combined requirements of high performance dry cleaning plus ecological and health & safety compliance on a world-wide basis.

Firbimatic F15ASLT3
Firbimatic F15-LT3
Firbimatic Saver (15kg)
Firbimatic Saver 40
Firbimatic L2018
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