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Leading the world in quality finishing equipment

Unipress Corp are a leading manufacturer of laundry and dry cleaning finishing equipment, working in the UK exclusively with CML Equipment Solutions Limited. With high productivity and high quality finish on a wide range of garments coupled with industry leading build quality. The range is wide and led by the high productivity Thunder® and Hurricane® double buck finishing systems.


Conventional Shirt Unit: Body Press, Sleever, Collar & Cuff. The Thunder TD 2 applies an impeccable finish to the body of the shirt without compromise. Even large shirts (up to size 20) can be easily processed without special handling. It is designed and built to produce a quality shirt day after day, for years to come. Read more...


High productivity with impeccable finish unit with a number of innovative features as standard. A contoured buck, rounded cuffs, airbag side units and a fully computer controlled operating system. All from a compact unit which is designed and built in the USA. Read more...

Unipress also manufacture a full range of Laundry and Dry Cleaning ancillary equipment for the most demanding of applications. If you are looking for information just select from the list of brochures to download.

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