Trevil Garment Finishing


Advanced technology, research and development came together in Trevil back in 1980 to offer the cleaning, industrial laundry and garment manufacturing sectors the very best in professional finishing at the right price. We design and produce professional finishing machines and electric steam generators for industrial use. Staff in our R&D department work daily to offer our customers the most innovative and technologically advanced solutions. Simplicity, robustness and low consumption are our constant guidelines. All our products are made entirely in Italy by the skilled and careful hands of people who take quality seriously and are dedicated to creating machines that combine efficiency, excellent results, performance and durability. The Trevil products are technologically innovative, with exceptional quality and exceed the highest European standards


Double buck shirt finisher 60 shirts per hour with one operator.

trecistar cr

Versatile shirt unit with small footprint able to provide up to 40 shirts/hour. Excellent finishing of wet or dry shirts, T shirts and Polo shirts.

Princess Ultra

A unique tensioning multi finisher to can give excellent results on shirts, jackets, dresses, blouses, t shirts and work wear.


High productivity hot plate shirt unit for finishing short and long sleeve shirts up to 60 pieces per hour in conjunction with collar cuff press.


Tensioning form finisher for jackets, coats and similar. Allows to increase productivity as manual operation is limited to few touch ups.


Utility topper with front to back waistband tensioning and utility cuff clamps, suitable for all types of trousers / denims

Easy Form

Traditional steam / air former finisher for jackets, overcoats and dresses. Can be central supply or self -contained.

Micro Spotty

Small portable cold spotting table designed to be placed on a table or on its optional stand with shelf for spotting products.


The first automatic machine able to completely finish a pair of trousers. Finishing the top like a topper and leg just like a press with a productivity of 30 trousers per hour.

Utility Press

Traditional press available in manual or automatic, central steam or self-contained with a wide range of work surfaces including hot head for laundry.

Spotty Jet

Spotting cabinet with vacuum for pre & post treatment and includes carbon filter.

Mini Spotty

Standard size cold spotting table with vacuum and available with optional compressor, steam / air gun